Wisdom and creative inspiration

raven bird artwork
Raven (Wisdom), watercolour and ink in canvas, 8x10cm, 2021, sold/IAC

This tiny piece is the first of a planned series of three. I’m experimenting with some different materials and techniques.

I’ve framed this painting in a wooden frame from my local charity store, which I then revamped with craft paint… and a touch of nail polish, because, well, it works, and I can.

The painting incorporates the Valknut, symbol of the Norse god Odin, and also the ansuz rune, meaning ‘god’ or the word of god. The god, in this case, being Odin. Odin inspires the ‘wod’ in his followers, which may translate into frenzy in battle… but which is also the gift of creative inspiration… or to put a modern spin on it, the creative flow state. Odin hung himself from the world tree, Ygdrassil, for nine days, to receive the runes, and consequently their wisdom.

The raven is sacred to Odin. He is always accompanied by his two ravens Hugin and Munin, roughly, but not quite accurately, translated as ‘thought’ and ‘memory’. They give him news of the world’s happenings. This piece then is an invocation to wisdom and creative inspiration.

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