Total Departure… Choices

abstract artwork
Choices, watercolor and charcoal on paper, A6, 2021, R250

In a total departure from my animal art….

This small piece was created in response to a friend of mine’s idea to curate an exhibition called ‘Shadow People’. I made two small pieces experimenting with my thoughts around this theme. This one is titled ‘Choices’.

Here the figure can be seen to be going in both directions at once. One way into a landscape we can see, and the other way into a landscape unseen or yet to be revealed. Will we be brave and step out of the shadows or remain in the safe known space? Is the unknown stepping into empowerment, or empty space?

These are some of my thoughts around this piece, but it can be interpreted in many ways depending on the viewer.

I love discovering what pieces mean to others and how they see them.

PS: I’ve been working furiously on the fossa piece the last few days… he is nearly done and almost ready to be revealed.

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