Time management…or not… and ramblings on fossas

I’ve been working on a large (for me) wolf piece in colored pencil and watercolor on A3. It was supposed to be my main project this week. Then I realised that the deadline for the online exhibition I want to create a submission for is NOT the end of the month, it’s this coming Sunday!

So the wolf piece, and my musings thereon, will have to wait while I create my submission.

My chosen subject for the submission is the fossa, a fascinating cat like creature from the jungles of Madagascar. Although it resembles a cat in some aspects, it’s closest relative is the mongoose. It’s status is endangered, and if I remember correctly, from my research, there are only approximately 2 500 individuals left in the wild. Pretty devastating… and all the more reason to draw attention to this amazing animal and it’s plight.

Today I worked out the composition for the piece. I sketched in an outline and then started on the underpainting in watercolour. In these initial layers I’m working on the structure of the animal and pinpointing where the light and dark areas will be. The fine detail and definition will follow on after that. You can see an image of the start of the piece below. As you can see, pieces definitely do not start out looking amazing, it’s working layer upon layer that creates the final effect.

fossa artwork in progress
Fossa artwork in progress

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