The legendary lady Galaxy

bengal cat artwork
Galaxy the Bengal, colored pencil, watercolor and mixed media on paper, A5, 2021

Just finished this commission piece of Galaxy the bengal cat. She was one of the first bengal cats in South Africa and was a show winner in her time. She was already sixteen years old when the photo I used as reference for this portrait was taken, but still an absolutely stunning cat. She passed away many years ago, and her owner commissioned the portrait in memory of her.

I had a wonderful client for this piece who told me to take as much time as I needed. I created this portrait little by little over a few months, in between other pieces. Taking time with a piece really gives you a chance to fall in love with it, to look at it a lot, make small adjustments that improve the overall look here and there.

No piece is ever ‘perfect’, that’s part of what makes it art, and I was by no means trying to achieve hyper realism in this piece. What I wanted was a distilled essence of Galaxy, a sense of who she was. It feels complete, and I am happy.

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