The Colours of a Greyhound

greyhound ornament
Colours of a Greyhound, watercolour and coloured pencil and mixed media on paper, A5, 2021, SOLD/IAC

Greyhounds are such colorful personalities, racing around one minute and vegging under a blanket with only the nose showing the next. We too are complex and have many contrasts. Life is interesting and beautiful and full of color. This piece is about all of those things. About the intricacies and complexities and details, about noticing things, about being fully alive. Embodied in the spirit of this brightly coloured greyhound.

If you’d like to brighten up your space, or a loved one’s, you can buy this piece as a fine art print at Society6 here: The Colours of a Greyhound

Thank you for your support.

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