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Psychedelic Cat

I’ve been away from my pencils and paint the last few days while I work on the computer to create the digital designs for my online print on demand stores. This is one of the digital pieces I created. I’ve always loved psychedelic and fractal art, so I thought I’d experiment with something along those […]

A bird for me

I was painting cards to give to various people over the weekend. This was one I decided to keep. I wanted to replace a piece on my wall that I just wasn’t working for me. This little bird isn’t the most technically perfect piece and maybe that’s one of the reasons I like it. He’s […]

Border Collies

Here is the adult collie piece I completed for Border Collie Rescue SA to use in their fundraising. I tried to create a piece that everyone who loves border collies can relate to, rather than one with unusual facial markings. I did indulge myself with playing with a lot of colour and hyping up the […]


There’s something so magical about puppies… they really have a way of stealing your heart. I love border collies. I love dogs in general, but border collies are one of my favourites. I’ve been a supporter of Border Collie Rescue SA for many years. I’ve adopted a number of dogs from them over the years […]