Psychedelic Cat

psychedelic cat artwork
Nariko Psychedelic Cat, digital art, 2021

I’ve been away from my pencils and paint the last few days while I work on the computer to create the digital designs for my online print on demand stores.

This is one of the digital pieces I created. I’ve always loved psychedelic and fractal art, so I thought I’d experiment with something along those lines in this piece. It’s based on my watercolour and coloured pencil memorial portrait of my cat Nariko. I spoke about that piece in a previous blog post.

Creating an appealing print design is harder than it looks, and very time consuming to do well. I’m pleased with the results of my long hours though.

I also created other cat designs, border collie designs, greyhound designs and a fox design, all based on my original art.

If you’re curious to see what my designs look like or would like to buy a gift or spoil yourself, check out my store links below. There are tshirts, hoodies, pullovers, mugs, stickers and all kinds of fun stuff available.

My Redbubble store is here.

My Teespring or Spring store is here.

Back to my pencils and paint tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it.

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