Protection, art for a safe space

wolf artwork
Wolf (Protection), watercolour and ink on canvas, 8×10 cm, 2021, sold/IAC

This is the second tiny piece in the series I’m creating with watercolour on canvas. Its only eight by ten centimetres, so quite a challenge with adding in detail. Like the raven piece, it’s framed in an upcycled frame from my local charity shop, which I then revamped.

At the top, and in a more shadowy iteration behind the wolf, is Thor’s hammer, a strong symbol of protection. Thor’s hammers were worn as pendants for personal protection, among other things. The hammer was also used to ‘hallow’ a space.

The wolf is traditionally linked with Odin, rather than Thor, but I chose the wolf for it’s associations with power and protection. The wolf also is related to man’s great protector, the dog. As well, I have an affinity with wolves.

The rune symbol is algiz, the antlers of the elk, used for defence and protection. Another choice of rune could have been thurisaz, possible interpretations of which are thorn or giant or Thor’s hammer, a rune often associated with Thor. The choice of algiz was personal preference.

Taken together the piece is an invocation to wise action and the creation of a safe space.

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