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Thinking of how my Heart is Feeling

October 21st, 2021

Thinking of how my Heart is Feeling

This piece is entitled 'Thinking of how my Heart is Feeling'. I experimented with abstract again this weekend and this was the result. I've been doing a lot of meditating lately, focusing on my heart and working on sustaining positive emotions like peacefulness, gratitude and love. This has also led me to explore, to know myself better and to understand what emotions I habitually fall into. For me guilt and anxiety are big ones. It's very interesting to me how we analyze and assign meaning to how we're feeling.

I'm primarily an animal artist at this point in my career, but I'm really enjoying adding this extra dimension to my work. I'm doing it for nothing more than the pleasure of it and using it as a pure form of self expression and understanding of the world around me. It enables me to create a vision of something beyond just that which we can perceive with our senses. What might thoughts look like? How can I depict energy? What would an emotional state look like energetically? What colors would feelings be? These are just some of the questions I asked myself as I worked on this piece.

I think it's really important to experiment in creative expression, to keep the joy in it going. I have a daily routine which includes creating art for a number of hours each day. Then pieces must be photographed, uploaded and marketed. With this routine it's important for me to remember that art is not about doing 'work'. Art is about communicating, being a voice.

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my creative process and I hope you have a magic day.