Danger/Endangered… the fossa is complete

fossa wildlife artwork
Danger/Endangered (portrait of a fossa), watercolor and colored pencil on paper, A4, 2021

I finished the fossa piece on Saturday, and here he finally is. He was a real challenge to photograph in such a way that the photograph was a good reflection of the original. My usual fall back of photographing in good daylight with the flash off produced some weird results, with white highlights popping up where there were cream tones on the painting, and detail getting bleached out.

I ended up posting quite a dark photo on social media, that at least looked somewhat good, but I wasn’t happy. Went back and photographed him again today, and this is the result. I’m still not 100% satisfied, but it’s a lot better.

I’ve titled the piece ‘Danger/Endangered (portrait of a fossa)’. We’re hardwired to react to many jungle creatures as being dangerous, but with so many of these and their habitats endangered, what is the real danger? The destruction of natural habitats around the world threatens the survival of many plant and animal species and ultimately humanity’s also. Pollution, climate change and the greed, political mismanagement and big business interests behind these things are very real and present dangers.

With respect to the piece itself, I’ve chosen to render it in a stylised manner that hopefully is eye catching and reflects the awe I feel when thinking of wild creatures.

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