Border Collies

border collie dog artwork
Star Collie, watercolour and coloured pencil on paper, A4, 2021, created for Border Collie Rescue SA

Here is the adult collie piece I completed for Border Collie Rescue SA to use in their fundraising. I tried to create a piece that everyone who loves border collies can relate to, rather than one with unusual facial markings. I did indulge myself with playing with a lot of colour and hyping up the contrast to give the piece an arty and fun feel and create a finished piece that’s interesting to look at. Border collies are very clever, alert dogs, with lots of energy and high levels of intensity, so I worked on conveying those qualities in this guy’s expression. Anyone who has a ball mad border collie, as I do, will recognise the ‘throw the ball’ face, and this piece has a little bit of that going on in the collie’s stare.

As with art in general, the photograph doesn’t really do the piece justice, which is a little frustrating. It’s something I continue to work on.

Please do visit Border Collie Rescue’s website, if you are based in South Africa. They have some wonderful dogs looking for homes, and there are lots of other ways you can support the amazing work they do in helping this incredible breed with donations, feeding schemes and various purchases etc.

Hope you enjoyed seeing the finished piece.

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