The Colours of a Greyhound

greyhound ornament
Colours of a Greyhound, watercolour and coloured pencil and mixed media on paper, A5, 2021, SOLD/IAC

Greyhounds are such colorful personalities, racing around one minute and vegging under a blanket with only the nose showing the next. We too are complex and have many contrasts. Life is interesting and beautiful and full of color. This piece is about all of those things. About the intricacies and complexities and details, about noticing things, about being fully alive. Embodied in the spirit of this brightly coloured greyhound.

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Thank you for your support.

Believe in Magic

hummibgbird artwork
Believe in Magic, watercolour and coloured pencil and mixed media on paper, A4, 2021, SOLD/IAC

Hummingbirds are so adorable, yet ethereal, seeming not quite of this world. A little reminder of the miracles of nature and everyday life. Keep it simple. Take time to forget your cares, go outside and feel the sun on your face. Be good to yourself and believe in magic.

If you’d like to have your very own little piece of magic or to share it with a friend, I’m happy to announce that fine art prints of this piece are now available in my Society6 store. Click on the link to go there:

Life’s Great

greyhound gift
Life’s Great, greyhound portrait, coloured pencil and watercolour on paper, A5, 2021, SOLD/IAC

How friendly does this guy look? I love his smiling face. It reflects the lovely nature of most hounds. I love looking at greyhound videos where you can see them living their best life, the sheer joy and exuberance of this breed is guaranteed to make you smile too.

I’ve created this piece for just that purpose; life is great, let’s enjoy it to the full.

If you’d like to own this piece or give a small dose of the great life to a friend, this guy is available on fine at prints in my Society6 store. Click on this link to go there:

Thanks always for your support, have a great day.

Desert Fox Fire

fox artwork
Desert Fox Fire, watercolor and colored pencil and mixed media on paper, A5, 2021, SOLD/IAC

I completed this piece earlier in the year, and just now photographed it with my new camera. I’m much happier with the colour quality of the new pictures.

I’ve always been fascinated by foxes; quirky, intelligent, beautiful and powerful creatures, enigmatic and fascinating.

I’m happy to announce that gorgeous fine art prints of this piece are now available in my Society6 store. A fabulous gift or something to make you smile. Click the link here to peruse and buy:

Psychedelic Cat

psychedelic cat artwork
Nariko Psychedelic Cat, digital art, 2021

I’ve been away from my pencils and paint the last few days while I work on the computer to create the digital designs for my online print on demand stores.

This is one of the digital pieces I created. I’ve always loved psychedelic and fractal art, so I thought I’d experiment with something along those lines in this piece. It’s based on my watercolour and coloured pencil memorial portrait of my cat Nariko. I spoke about that piece in a previous blog post.

Creating an appealing print design is harder than it looks, and very time consuming to do well. I’m pleased with the results of my long hours though.

I also created other cat designs, border collie designs, greyhound designs and a fox design, all based on my original art.

If you’re curious to see what my designs look like or would like to buy a gift or spoil yourself, check out my store links below. There are tshirts, hoodies, pullovers, mugs, stickers and all kinds of fun stuff available.

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Back to my pencils and paint tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it.

Last Word in Elegance

greyhound artwork
Stylish Greyhound, watercolour and coloured pencil on paper, A5, 2021, SOLD/IAC

Another one from my greyhound series, reflecting all the beautiful lines and shapes in the face of this Italian greyhound. She looks like she’s thinking deep thoughts. I wanted to create a piece that reflects the elegance of this breed and just how stunning their looks are.

Fine art prints of this piece are available in my Society6 store, click the link here to view and buy: . Thank you for your support!


greyhound artwork
Cute Greyhound, watercolour and coloured pencil on paper, A5, 2021, R350

I’ve been working on a series of small greyhound pieces recently. This is one of them. For this piece the aim was to create something stylised and cute, with interesting use of colour, that reflects the quirkiness of the breed.

Protection, art for a safe space

wolf artwork
Wolf (Protection), watercolour and ink on canvas, 8×10 cm, 2021, sold/IAC

This is the second tiny piece in the series I’m creating with watercolour on canvas. Its only eight by ten centimetres, so quite a challenge with adding in detail. Like the raven piece, it’s framed in an upcycled frame from my local charity shop, which I then revamped.

At the top, and in a more shadowy iteration behind the wolf, is Thor’s hammer, a strong symbol of protection. Thor’s hammers were worn as pendants for personal protection, among other things. The hammer was also used to ‘hallow’ a space.

The wolf is traditionally linked with Odin, rather than Thor, but I chose the wolf for it’s associations with power and protection. The wolf also is related to man’s great protector, the dog. As well, I have an affinity with wolves.

The rune symbol is algiz, the antlers of the elk, used for defence and protection. Another choice of rune could have been thurisaz, possible interpretations of which are thorn or giant or Thor’s hammer, a rune often associated with Thor. The choice of algiz was personal preference.

Taken together the piece is an invocation to wise action and the creation of a safe space.

Wisdom and creative inspiration

raven bird artwork
Raven (Wisdom), watercolour and ink in canvas, 8x10cm, 2021, sold/IAC

This tiny piece is the first of a planned series of three. I’m experimenting with some different materials and techniques.

I’ve framed this painting in a wooden frame from my local charity store, which I then revamped with craft paint… and a touch of nail polish, because, well, it works, and I can.

The painting incorporates the Valknut, symbol of the Norse god Odin, and also the ansuz rune, meaning ‘god’ or the word of god. The god, in this case, being Odin. Odin inspires the ‘wod’ in his followers, which may translate into frenzy in battle… but which is also the gift of creative inspiration… or to put a modern spin on it, the creative flow state. Odin hung himself from the world tree, Ygdrassil, for nine days, to receive the runes, and consequently their wisdom.

The raven is sacred to Odin. He is always accompanied by his two ravens Hugin and Munin, roughly, but not quite accurately, translated as ‘thought’ and ‘memory’. They give him news of the world’s happenings. This piece then is an invocation to wisdom and creative inspiration.

Hope in Colour

bird artwork
Hope in Colour, watercolour and coloured pencil on paper, A6, 2021, R250

I created this tiny bird artwork yesterday, a little bluebird of happiness to start the week off right. I was watching a random YouTube video, and one of the things the guy said struck me. He said, ‘One person can change the world by giving people hope’. Just let that sink in for a minute. I didn’t note who the speaker was at the time, I’ll have to go back and look it up. It’s a really powerful message in a world where we’re bombarded with so much negativity and it’s easy to get sunk in a funk. Easy to feel voiceless and powerless and like we don’t matter. It’s good to remember how powerful just one person can be. How powerful you can be. To remember that what you do matters. That you matter. That you are a badass.

Which brings me to art… art that can be that voice of hope in visual form… auditory form… a mix… whatever your medium. That’s my thought for this week… create art, create hope. Hence the title of this piece.

In my blog post yesterday I mentioned just asking myself to work on a piece for five minutes. It’s a very useful thing to do to overcome lack of motivation or feeling stuck. It’s a trick I learned from two amazing humans, Rafi Perez and Klee Angelie, an artist couple based in the US. I follow them on social media and listen to their podcasts. Rafi came up with the word ‘fa-chunking’, or five minute chunking. When you don’t feel like doing something or don’t feel like you can, just commit to doing it for five minutes. Generally then you get caught up in what you’re doing and continue on from there. If you’re really not feeling it after five minutes you can stop and put it aside for another day, or rethink what you’re doing.

How does this tie in to hope? These two people are a great dose of hope if you’re feeling stuck creatively or in life in general. Their ideas for staying strong, authentic, creative and ‘persisting through the suck’ are really valuable for anyone, so I thought I’d share. Follow them on YouTube at ‘Rafi was Here’ or visit their website.

Hope your week is full of inspiration.