Author: candimoonart

Life’s Great

How friendly does this guy look? I love his smiling face. It reflects the lovely nature of most hounds. I love looking at greyhound videos where you can see them living their best life, the sheer joy and exuberance of this breed is guaranteed to make you smile too. I’ve created this piece for just […]

Desert Fox Fire

I completed this piece earlier in the year, and just now photographed it with my new camera. I’m much happier with the colour quality of the new pictures. I’ve always been fascinated by foxes; quirky, intelligent, beautiful and powerful creatures, enigmatic and fascinating. I’m happy to announce that gorgeous fine art prints of this piece […]

Psychedelic Cat

I’ve been away from my pencils and paint the last few days while I work on the computer to create the digital designs for my online print on demand stores. This is one of the digital pieces I created. I’ve always loved psychedelic and fractal art, so I thought I’d experiment with something along those […]