I gave a piece of mine, that I had hanging on my wall, away. I kept staring at the blank space on the wall, the empty nail, and it was really bothering me, because it’s right above my desk in my workspace.

I decided to frame and hang up a piece I’ve been in the process of creating for myself. The piece is in coloured pencil and watercolour, of an Italian greyhound. I titled the piece ‘Amoria’, a Spanish name meaning ‘love’ or ‘loved one’. I have an Italian greyhound mix and discovered a love for the breed. One day I hope to have an Italian greyhound of my own, and Amoria is what I will name her.

The thing is, the piece isn’t yet complete… but I decided to put it up anyway. In life, nothing is ever complete. As an artist I continue to learn, to grow, to get better at my craft. I think this picture is an apt symbol of life in process.

Maybe one day I’ll take the piece down and work on it some more. Maybe I will let it remain complete in it’s incompleteness, just as it is.

Italian greyhound artwork
Amoria, colored pencil and watercolor on paper, A5, 2021, IAC

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