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Art is a portal

Through art we can view the world through another’s eyes, become more aware of how we view it, expand what we see and know and contemplate and even appreciate.

The overarching theme of my work is that of beauty. To recall a stunning view, sun on foliage, the joy in the eyes of a running dog, the delicacy of an alighting butterfly, the stark loveliness of a gutted building or a leafless tree… to see something beautiful and to see through that the beauty in all things. I hope, through my art, to bring pleasure to the viewer, a reminder that there is so much that is pure magic in the world, that there is hope.

I offer a variety of art and illustration services. I make eye catching original art in watercolor, coloured pencil and mixed media. I create portraits, especially pet and animal portraits and card and other print designs and illustrations. I do some realism but also utilise unique and vibrant use of color in my work, creating pieces that are lovely to look at.

My work is whimsical and bright and I bring my unique touch and eye to each piece I create. I am extremely flexible and able to undertake a wide variety of pieces.